School Staff

Richard Chaplinsky
Vice Principal
Julie Kerr

Office Administrator
Laurel Leslie

Kindergarten Team
Angela Safadi
Beverley Adams
Casey Delaney
Alicia McCambridge
Mirna Akkawi
Jordan Seeley
Latou Faly
Jessie Groniger

Grade 1 
Heather Bellamy
Rhonda Gillam

Grade 2
Amy Eaton
Patricia Roche
Christianne Miedema

Grade 3
Christianne Miedema
Meagan O'Toole

FSL Primary
Lyne Ferron
Anna Maria Pepe
Greg Andujar

Developmental Education
Lorraine Micomonaco
Shelanie Cody
Patti Crupi
Helen Picard
Sue Scherling
Vikki Taylor
Irene Cummings

Grade 4
Beth Daley
Michel Papineau

Grade 5
Brigitte Montsion
Michel Papineau
Helen Schouten

Grade 6
Phaedra Walton
Adriana Porcari

Greg Andujar
Michelle Villeneuve
Veronique Lamb
Resource Teachers
Leslie Cardarelli
Phaedra Walton

ESL Teacher
Noelle McCabe

Educational Assistants
Janet Alder
Lucy Duarte
Isabella Ferritto
Eileen Johnson
Melissa Hrynyk
Simone Beausoleil
Tina Cannon
Kailee Jackson
Julia Rawson

Avilla Ollivierre

Mr. Tim O'Meara

About Our School

General Reminders

Throughout the school year, the pick up and drop off routine for students remains the same. Students are to be dropped off in the morning after 9:00 a.m. at the fence on the 6th Street side of the school. Pick up will occur at 3:45 on St. Bernard Street at the gate. We must keep the front entrance and parking lot of the school free of traffic congestion so that the Para Transpo buses can get in to pick up our children.

When picking up students in the afternoon, you are reminded that the parking lot of Ste. Bernadette School is not to be used. This is private property and there have been instances where staff from our neighbour school, or parents from the other school picking up their children at the child care, cannot get out of the parking lot because parents from St. Bernard School are blocking the entrance or the exit. Please respect our neighbours.

Please remember that at no time is parking permitted in the bus loading zone. This is an area that must be open for our buses. When sending children into the school yard from a car, please make sure that they do not walk between the buses. We train the children at school to walk around the front of the buses where staff and the bus drivers can see them. Please help them to do this by doing the same.

Activities, Clubs & Teams

3740 Spratt Road, Gloucester
Phone:  613-822-7900

Our Parish

1720 St. Bernard Street, Ottawa
Phone:  613-738-1943